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For Fast, Safe, Clean Treatment of Ear Mites

Ear mites are tiny parasites that can spend their entire lives on the host. Very contagious, ear mites can easily be passed from cats to dogs or rarely humans. In extreme cases, ear mites can cause infections which can rupture the eardrum, leading to seizures or deafness.

MilbeMite® (0.1% milbemycin oxime) OTIC Solution is an effective, convenient, and safe way to treat ear mites in cats and kittens. It kills 99 to 100% of ear mites in just 7 to 30 days. Only one quick dose administered by your veterinarian is required, covering ear mites throughout their life cycle. And there are no side effects or adverse reactions. MilbeMite OTIC Solution is clean, too. It isn't oily like other solutions and won't run out of the ear once applied.

Signs of a possible ear mite infection in your cat are frequent ear scratching and head shaking.

No side effects caused by MilbeMite OTIC Solution were reported in controlled effectiveness studies in adult cats and kittens. In controlled safety studies, no side effects were seen at up to 5X the dose in adult cats and 3X the dose in 4-week-old kittens. Click HERE for full product information.



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